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The Fitbit Ionic was released in late September 2017. Designed to compete with the Apple Watch Series 3, it is the successor to both the Blaze and the Surge. Like the Surge, the Ionic uses built-in GPS, using GLONASS to tap into global satellites and provide better accuracy when recording exercises, with the antenna being integrated into the watch case for a stronger connection. The Ionic also features SmartTrack, which auto-recognizes user activity and records it in the Fitbit app. The Ionic has interchangeable bands, including classic Fitbit bands, leather bands, and perforated bands for a more sport-like appearance, and the release mechanism has been modified to make swapping out bands easier. It is also water-resistant, making it safe to wear when swimming. Many of the Blaze's clock faces return, as do several new clock faces. New to the Ionic is the ability to load apps onto the watch itself such as AccuWeather and Starbucks, as well as an NFC chip that allows the Ionic to be used for credit card purchases at places that allow contactless payment. As a result, the tactile buttons on the Ionic have some new functions. When not in workout mode, the right side buttons now function as shortcuts for the leftmost two apps loaded onto the watch, while a long press on the left side button brings up Fitbit Pay as well as music and quick settings. The Ionic is shipped in three color combinations of the wristband and watch case: Charcoal & Smoke Gray, Slate Blue & Burnt Orange, and Blue Gray & Silver Gray.