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After a brief stint as a full-time philanthropist, Bloomberg re-assumed the position of CEO at Bloomberg L. P. by the end of 2014. There was widespread speculation that he would run as a third-party candidate in the 2016 presidential election, though he chose not to run, later endorsing Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton for president. In October 2018, Bloomberg announced that he had changed his political party affiliation to Democratic, which he had previously been registered as prior to 2001. Bloomberg announced on November 7, 2019, that he was taking steps to enter the 2020 presidential election, despite previously stating in March 2019 that he would not pursue the presidency. He officially entered the race on November 8 by filing to insert his name on the Alabama Democratic primary ballot and announced that he will make a decision about a formal campaign launch on November 11 at earliest. A sign that he will launch a formal campaign was later reported on November 15, 2019 when he declined to attend his company's second annual New Economy Forum. The same day, a person close to Bloomberg stated that Bloomberg was "a step toward running. . . , not a step away from running," was "actively preparing" and that his decision on a formal campaign will come in "days, not weeks. "