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Buttigieg describes himself as a progressive and a supporter of democratic capitalism. [76] He favors universal healthcare with retention of private insurance; dialogue and cooperation between the Democratic Party and organized labor; universal background checks for firearms purchases; and environmentalist policies to combat pollution and climate change, which Buttigieg views as a national security threat. He supports subsidizing solar panels and the Paris Agreement; after President Trump withdrew the United States from the Paris Agreement, Buttigieg was one of many U. S. mayors to sign the Mayors National Climate Action Agenda, pledging that his city would continue to adhere to the agreement. Buttigieg supports the Equality Act, a bill extending federal non-discrimination protection to LGBT people. He opposes the Trump Administration's ban on transgender personnel. Buttigieg supports the DACA program and federal legislation that would create a pathway to citizenship for youths brought to the country illegally as children. [77][76] He supports abortion rights. [78] Buttigieg identifies regulatory capture as a significant problem in American society. [76]