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Brooker wanted to keep the anthology approach, using new stories, settings, characters, and actors for each episode, as he felt this approach was a key element of enjoying series like The Twilight Zone; he said, "There was a signature tone to the stories, the same dark chocolate coating – but the filling was always a surprise. " This approach would allow Black Mirror to contrast with current dramas and serials that had a standard recurring cast. According to Brooker, the production team considered giving the series a linking theme or presenter, but ultimately decided not to: "There were discussions. Do we set them all in the same street? Do we have some characters who appear in each episode, a bit Three Colours: Blue/White/Red style? We did think about having a character who introduces them, Tales from the Crypt style, or like Rod Serling or Alfred Hitchcock or Roald Dahl, because most anthology shows did have that. . . but the more we thought about it, we thought it was a bit weird. "