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During the November 2019 hearings in which Congress gathered evidence and heard witness testimony in relation to the impeachment inquiry into Trump, Stefanik emerged as a key defender of Trump. [76][77][78] During a November 15 hearing, intelligence committee ranking member Devin Nunes attempted to yield part of his allotted witness questioning time to Stefanik, but was ruled out of order by committee chairman Adam Schiff. [79] Stefanik accused Schiff of "making up the rules as he goes" and of preventing Republican members on the committee from controlling their own time to question witnesses. [79] Nunes and Stefanik were violating the procedural rules that were established by an October House vote, and Schiff cited the rule to them. [76][78][80] The rule Schiff cited authorized only Schiff and Nunes, or their counsels, to ask questions during the first 45 minutes of each party's questions for witnesses. [79] The incident created a controversy in which Stefanik and others, including Trump, accused Schiff of "gagging" her. [81]The Washington Post and other reporters characterized the incident as a stunt to portray Schiff as unfair. [82][83][84][85][86]