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By 2019, the city had seen $374 million in private investment for mixed-use developments since Buttigieg had taken office. [105][76] In 2016, the City of South Bend partnered with the State of Indiana and private developers to break ground on a $165 million renovation of the former Studebaker complex, with the aim to make the complex home to tech companies and residential condos. [106] This development is in the so-called "Renaissance District", which includes nearby Ignition Park. [103][107] In 2017, it was announced that the long-abandoned Studebaker Building 84 (also known as "Ivy Tower") would have its exterior renovated with $3. 5 million in Regional Cities funds from the State of Indiana and $3. 5 million from South Bend tax increment financing, with plans for the building and other structures in its complex to serve as a technology hub. [108] While many aspects of South Bend had improved by 2016, a Princeton University study found that the rate of evictions in the city had worsened, more than doubling since Buttigieg took office. [103]